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"Are You connected to the Truth?"

"Awakening Truth" presents discoveries that have been pushed aside in mainstream science and history. These discoveries may have the potential to help humanity create a sustainable future.

Many people in the world today are going to extreme lengths to fix the problems we face in modern society.  Is it possible that by looking into our ancient past we can find answers to our modern day issues?  Were there more technologically advanced civilizations prior to us and can we learn from them? Could it be that the history we were taught in schools was in complete?

"Awakening Truth '' is here to show that perhaps our current civilization isn't at the pinnacle of it's evolution. Recent evidence points to the possibility of advanced ancient societies thriving on this planet over twelve thousand years ago. They appeared to utilize advanced technologies that still baffle us to this day. These ancient civilizations seemed to be more connected to the earth, working in harmony with our planet.

Modern society has made incredible advancements but we may be losing our vital connection to this planet and to each other as a species. Learning about our ancient ancestors, their advanced technologies, and ways of sustaining a harmonious existence could give us a better chance at solving modern day issues. 

In the creation of Awakening Truth, we have gathered knowledge from accredited professionals around the globe regarding lost and suppressed information. Perhaps if we ask the right questions and open our minds, we can gain a better understanding of our modern society and develop ways to build a sustainable future.

Join us on our journey as we uncover clues about our ancient ancestors, their relationship to the environment, and to their community. 


Brien Foerster

Chris Dunn

Jim Vieira 

John Cadman

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Megalithic Stones

Ancient Water fall

Pyramid Power

"Sound Bite" with Brien Forester

"An Inside Look"

Chris Dunn - Truth Seeker

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