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Many people in the world today are going through extreme lengths to fix the problems we are facing in our modern society. Is it possible that by looking into the ancient past we may find answers to our modern day problems? "Awakening Truth” takes a look into the ancient past, for clues on how to help humanity and rescue our planet. 

We pride our selves in being non-bias, factual and credible. In the creation of our documentary series “Awakening Truth” we have gathered information from accredited professionals around the globe regarding lost information on our ancient past. We believe that by asking the right questions and opening our minds, we may be able to gain a better understanding of what we have become and how to move forward.

Were there more advanced civilizations prior to us? Did they have knowledge of things that we are only beginning to understand today? If so, what may we learn from these ancient cultures that might help us today?

We have made great advancements through time, but is it possible we are starting to loose our connection to our planet and to each other as a species? When looking at the ancient past, it looks as though they had an understanding of how to work as a team. Team work is something that seems to be fading in today's society. Although our recent technological achievements have drastically improved our lives, we are starting to loose the importance of community and connection. We are starting to take advantage of our natural resources, destroying our planet and loosing association to the people we coexist with.

"Awakening Truth" is here to show that perhaps our current civilization isn't at the pinnacle point of its evolution. Is it possible that there were more advanced societies before us? ancient civilizations that were more connected to the Earth, that knew how to work in harmony with our Earth instead of against it? Recent evidence points to the possibility of ancient society’s thriving on this planet over twelve thousand years ago. If we can start to understand these cultures and there ways of life, we may be able to solve some of our modern day issues.

“Awakening Truth Series” hopes to take you on a journey, back through time to the ancient past. We hope to uncover clues about our ancient ancestors, their relationship to the environment and to their community. 

Please help support us by sharing our pages and staying tuned for the release of our documentary coming 2019. 

We want to thank you for sticking with us for so long, we cant wait to see what our future will bring! -Awakening Truth Team


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