Robert Arnold (Founder)

Director of Photography/Certified Drone Operator


‪(415) 295-5111‬

RWA Films is an independent production company based out of San Francisco, California. We are dedicated to delivering high quality, compelling content in an effective and affordable manner.  My name is Robert Arnold, I am the founder of RWA Films. I have been a professional filmmaker and photographer for over 9 years. During my time working as a director of photography, certified drone operator, camera operator and assistant camera, I have diligently developed my production company RWA Films. I have worked on a wide variety of productions including major motion pictures, network television shows, documentaries, commercials as well as corporate and web based content. 

I thoroughly enjoy collaborating and developing content from the ground up. Storytelling is a large passion of mine. I am proficient and eager to involve myself in all aspects of production, from concept to final product. My goal is  to create content that will captivate, inspire and uplift its audience. I am constantly driven to produce content that captures the essence of my clients vision, helping them build and develop their brand. RWA Films values trust, teamwork and transparency when collaborating with clients or co-workers. We will make sure you are satisfied every step of the way ensuring a quality product you will be proud to be a part of.