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About Me

"Creating A Change Through Social Exchange"

I am a  freelance filmmaker and photographer with over 7 years of experience working in the film & television industry. Over the last few years, I have been working steadily as a full time camera operator. I enjoy every aspect of film and television but I know that I am my best when I am behind the camera. Even at a young age and very early in my career, I was good at composing shots and using the camera.

In the past few years, I have been working on projects within my production company RWAFilms. I am very proud of my most recent project; a documentary series entitled “Awakening Truth”. For this documentary I hired a team of 5 to travel with me to Peru and various areas of the United States. Our mission was to film influential individuals who were well known for their research into ancient civilizations and lost history. "Awakening Truth’s" mission is to uncover information about our ancient past in-order to solve the problems of our modern society.  This project has been a labor of love taking a few years to complete and I am finally at the finish line.

Over the years, I have become very comfortable with many industry standard cameras and accessories including but not limited to; Cannon C300, C200, C100, and all DSLRs. Sony F5, F55 and FS7 and DSLRs. I have worked with steady camera rigs like the MOVI and Ronin. I am a very fast learner, especially when it comes to gear. I am excited to learn as much as I can about new equipment. I am often asked to manage media and edit video content. I am very comfortable with this post production process as well.  I own a Mac book pro and Mac book along with the Adobe Cloud suite including Premiere, Photoshop and Lightroom. I also use Final Cut Pro at times to edit content.

For the last year or 2 I have been living in San Francisco, California. Due to the fact that a lot of my jobs consisted of small crews, most of the responsibility in setting up shots was on my shoulders. I was happy to have that responsibility as it gives me a chance to learn a great deal. With this work experience I have become very familiar with lighting and setting up shots. I have used multitude of different lighting techniques and styles. I have done everything from setting up interviews, working on narratives, to filming for network reality TV. I have gotten used to quickly lighting and filming in a fast paced environment, often being in very tight areas.

I attribute my success in these various filming aspects to being a "people person" - I have found that aspect of my personality to be a huge asset. My understanding of people coupled with my ability to be self-sufficient (often a "one-man band”) has helped me enormously in my career. I believe it is part of the reason employers are so happy with my work and have called me back to work with them again. I consistently receive great responses about my work ethic and team effort. I am a hard working and determined individual. I have no issues producing and planning when necessary. I am someone that would never let my client or crew down. I work very well under pressure, making deadlines, and of course I am used to working long hours.

 I thoroughly enjoy creating amazing content with great people. I hope you will consider me for your next project.