• Vibrational Information is a warm and welcoming  social creative environment with a business twist where you can showcase your creative work, meet and share with likeminded creatives, gain knowledge from professionals in every field from Alternative History and Engineering to Low-Light Photography and Flash Animation.
    Join in on interesting forum discussions, chat with your favorite scientist or author and further your individual evolution in the process.
    Work on becoming a better version of yourself by doing good deeds and be rewarded with discount codes, free media content and awesome one-of-a-kind experiences. Gain access to exciting new content and updates before anyone else and keep yourself updated with information that really matters. If you’re ready for something fun, educational and enlightening, please join!

Vibrational Information is a new and unique sustainable media platform that has the ability of being self-sustaining and symbiotic between people. We live in a world of diversity and extreme polarity and this has shaped the way we view our planet, and most importantly how we view ourselves and others.

Our mission is to help creatives get their work showcased to help you make an honest living doing what you love! We want people to be able to do be inspired working and be of an inspiration to others, as well as getting paid for your creativity.

No matter what you have been told throughout your life; everything you do is worth something!

The only person determining the worth of your work is YOU. If you feel that what you do is a service to yourself, other people, this planet or this galaxy, and your work does not harm anyone or anything in any way, then you have the right to display your work on our site and we will help market it for you.


In the near future, we are planning on establishing a physical meeting place, a nexus, once we have enough people wanting to participate in monthly/quarterly meetings. It will be a place to discuss creative ideas, skills and areas of interest for people to learn more from others and develop their creative skills. People are also encouraged to share their life stories for the purpose of personal development and in an effort to help others going through similar things.
Local sponsors and people willing to donate resources and time are welcome to join in on this endeavor.
The meetings will include:
  • Raffles
  • Fun Prizes
  • Interesting information about local businesses, what they’re about and what their benefits are.
  • Screenings for kids and adults to showcase what they have been working on in an effort for people to receive feedback and constructive criticism from their peers.
The purpose for this initiative is for likeminded individuals to be able to:
  • Share knowledge and techniques associated with film making, as well as in other creative areas, and how to make money doing what you love!
  • Help teach others how to use camera equipment as well as keeping up-to-date with trends, news and other aspects important to maintaining a level of knowledge that is needed in today’s competitive world.
  • Encouraging young creative minds to be creative and get their ideas and work noticed.
Classes coming soon!
We are interested in filming and documenting all kinds of stories in the attempt of creating tight-knit communities and promote happy homes/family environments.
The areas below will shortly be offered as classes where anyone intersted will have the opportunity of spending time with likeminded individuals developing connections on-site that may be the ones you end up making it big with! Even if that’s not the case and you want to just test the waters, then you will be able to learn more about your skill, how to grow into it, as well as try out new skills to see if they may be interesting to you and help you in your creative endeavor. Vibrational Information is a warm and welcoming  social creative environment with a business twist different from anything out today. Join and see for yourself. We look forward to meeting you.


  • Marketing
  • Filmmaking
  • Editing
  • Post-Production
  • Social Media
  • Fundraising
  • Camera Work
  • Photography
  • Fine & Digital Art
  • Acting
  • Creative Business – How to make money doing what you love!
  • Personal Development & Life Tips

Registration Requirements

Artists of any practice are welcome to register. If you do not consider yourself an artist, that is fine, all you need to be truly is a person who loves life and has a great attitude about being productive, furthering your creative skills, be of inspiration and help to others as well as being a team player. If you feel you fit a few or all of these qualities, you will fit right in with ‘Vibrational Information’.


We display and help market members. Choose which memberships suits you the best. Every membership has access to all parts of Vibrational Information. Platinum members have access to faster support and will gain access to special features among other interesting aspects. View the membership comparison above for more information.


We will work in small groups and one-on-one with filmmakers and creatives alike that are in need of work by logging members into our database. This allows members the possibility of being noticed on our site by employers that will be provided a quick and easy way of getting into contact based on the description provided.


We will hold contests that will range between areas and topics we focus on. These themed contests will consist of topics/categories that are considered important by the judges and community wishes and feedback.


RWA Films takes out a 20% commission from the revenues of work sold on this site until we have enough members signed up. This fee enables us to keep this website and platform alive and continuously expanding. Platinum members will only be charged a 12% fee from the revenues of their work. With work, we mean anything from prints, digital downloads, movies, streaming, live or downloadable. Thank you for your support by becoming a part of Vibrational Information.


We will be presenting and giving out awards and prizes to members that have shown an outstanding job in the effort to grow as an individual and/or helping others grow.



We are interested in tutoring (or setting up tutoring) for anybody interested. Tutoring for children is offered at a discounted price. We believe all children should have the right to try out new things to make them feel as if they have more options growing up. We want kids to learn and get excited about the new possibilities that exist around us at all times.

Video PenPals

Video PenPals is a program designed to have kids and adults from the USA work creatively with a friend from across the world. This is a way for people to branch out into other ways of life ultimately expanding our perspectives on life in general.

This can lead to some amazing possibilities bridging together completely separate cultures through means of artistic and emotional energetic expression. Growing up with penpals from across the world we understand the mutual benefit it can give first hand.


We want to team up with schools and other types of fun educational venues for the purpose of helping open up the eyes of children and young adults to the fact that they may have a great opportunity at doing something fun, creative, as well as making money to support their families! Nobody wants to work a 9-5 job that they hate. Structure in life is important, but loving your time on this Earth is even more vital.

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