I have just recently started to use what I call “Time Lapse Story Telling” as a means to understand the world around me. Given the fact that we are in an incredibly fast paced society, these videos gave me a chance to look back at the days, weeks and months that have passed and reflect as the days keep speeding by. Although I do not know why I decided to start filming these time lapses,  I do know that it has been very therapeutic, as well as ultimately helping me in my personal evolutionary process.

‘Vibrational Information’ is something I want to create that will have the ability of being a bridge for people to share on many different levels; the experiences each individual has gone through/are going through. I believe that sharing information, knowledge and wisdom can be used in an effort to constantly uplift everyone’s own personal evolutionary process for the better. I believe that this would ultimately lead to a very large increase in the collective societal evolutionary process, aiding in the longevity of our species! (Something we can all agree on….I hope).

It could and should ultimately bring us all into a new mentality that can be more connected and aligned to the things that best serve ALL beings here on earth. I hope you enjoy the videos, I will be putting some more out soon as well as selling my 4K Stock Videos, thanks!

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