Time-Lapse Story Telling


Below you will find a collection of time-lapses that are part of a concept I like to call “Time-Lapse Story Telling”.

I hope that anyone watching this enjoys what they see. It has been a rough past year for a lot of people, and I’m no different. These time-lapse videos have been a way for me to keep things in perspective, fun, and a valuable aid in uplifting my personal evolutionary consciousness.

This is an example for others to learn from in an effort to encourage others to put their stories out there as I have mine. Hopefully this shows that there is no need to follow any set rules or norms to share your story.

Please stay tuned for more content! If you are interested in buying any of the photos within these videos or the time-lapses themselves, please contact me through the form at the bottom of the page.

Please share this around if you feel it resonated with you, thanks!

Rob Arnold

Filmmaker, RWA Films

Theme of the Time-Lapses:

Any human exploration into growth derives from already determined patterns by an ever-changing, ever-expanding exchange of energy, which is also predetermined in the metamorphosis that is the “worlds” we are originally born into. If one can take note and contemplate how every individual’s personal evolutionary process is incredibly vital to the foreseeable constructs of what we perceive as reality or the near future. Then we will realize that what is even more vital or essential is the acknowledgement of oneself for the purpose of observing how oneself affects, interacts, and ultimately determines the outcome of any life form able to perceive their surroundings in any way or another. Every thought, idea, action or non-action has the potential of altering the reality of any other living organism on this planet and universe.

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