Awakening Truth meets Vibrational Information

Awakening Truth meets Vibrational Information

Hello to all of our dedicated Awakening Truth fans!

I hope that you will appreciate our apology for the lack of updates and posts, and for the length of this one! As the creator of the docu-series, I, Robert Arnold, would like to personally thank you for being with us for such a long time. It’s been close to 3 years since we started this project and we are now finally seeing something great coming together! All of you are the reason we put so much effort into this project and we sincerely appreciate every contribution large and small; from website views, to subscriptions to Facebook likes and of course we greatly appreciate those who helped us along the way.
We are finally at the point where we are able to finish the docu-series, and we also have a media platform set up that has been created for the purpose of furthering personal evolutionary growth. Our mission is to give people a chance to show their personal development, skills, talents and interests to the world. We are giving people a voice and the chance to have learning experiences that are like no other!

Crew Appreciation

I want to express my thanks to Emily J. Arnold (my beautiful wife, Graphic & Web designer and Story Developer), Trevor Thompson (Producer and Unit Production Manager), he has been very dedicated since Day 1 and has always supported my ideas, Dave D. Saraiva (Director of Photography and one of the best Camera Operators I have had the pleasure of working and traveling with), Sally Ramey (has always been willing to try something new but made sure that we stayed on track, kept ourselves grounded, and has always been someone I can count on), Jonathan Kingsley (“The Ninja” – who is always there when you need him the most providing encouragement).

Kudos to Our Professional Support

John J. Thyne III (my Entertainment Attorney and friend – has been one of the most important people in regards to keeping things in check. John has always been behind our project going out of his way to see me and my projects go through, was always inspiring, encouraging, giving me the boost I needed to fulfill my goals. John has been a fan and supporter of the Awakening Truth series since its inception).
We also have many new members that are going to be joining the team and some that already have shown their dedication. I trust these people with all of my heart and appreciate the amount of time that have spent on helping my life professionally but also personally just by gaining their friendship: Paloma Estevez, thank you for wanting to be a part of Awakening Truth.

Gratitude to the Cast

On behalf of the entire Awakening Truth team, I would like to give a huge thanks to our cast of researchers, healers and artists that have contributed their time, professional expertise and their life’s work to Awakening Truth. Without your foundation, Awakening Truth would be a massive idea with little content; many questions with few answers. Thank you for being a part of the team and we look forward to presenting each of you in a fair and unbiased approach as we promised.
I would like to thank Brien Foerester, Jim Vieira, John Cadman and Ross Hamilton who make up our group of “heavy hitters.” These four individuals have made tidal waves in their respective fields and each is widely considered to be one the foremost trailblazers to challenge conventional understanding of our ancient history. Kevin Davis changed his career to start a healing center in Peru to assist people searching for natural healing through ancient herbal methods. Josh Toms and Jason Verbelli are both young artists and experimenters who were willing to show us how they have chosen a path to use their work to improve our quality of life.

Vibrational Information

At this point, Vibrational Information will start off as a section of our website: that has been dedicated to displaying media and information for the purpose of uplifting the personal, and ultimately, the societal evolutionary process. In today’s society, we have many new technologies and constructs that are changing the world faster than we can foresee the effects. New ailments and health problems are arising as we are moving farther away from our natural state. Vibrational Information will be a place for knowledge, questions, creativity and wisdom to be shared to hopefully help balance the modern world with observations and guidance from the ancient world when we were more connected with each other.
Please check out Vibrational Information and join the platform through RWAFilms. Vibrational Information is also a place for people to gather after watching the docu-series for a place to discuss and offer feedback, as well being able to further interact with the crew and cast in a comfortable and exciting environment.
Bear with us as we grow and evolve. The platform is in its infancy but we urge you to please take a look and stay tuned for more to come.

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