Awakening Truth brings forth discoveries that have been pushed aside in mainstream science and history in order to help humanity in the present and future.

About Awakening Truth

Many people in the world today are going to extreme lengths to fix the problems that we are facing in our modern society.

Awakening Truth has chosen to look into the ancient past for clues on how to help humanity and rescue our planet.

We have made great advancements through time but now we have hit a point where we have become stagnate in our relationship to each other as a species and to this planet….


Although our great achievements have drastically improved our lives we have suppressed and overlooked many other advancements regarding how we use our natural resources.

Awakening Truth is here to show that perhaps our current civilization isn’t at the pinnacle of its evolution, that there were societies before us, ancient civilizations that were more connected to the Earth, and that knew how to work with the Earth instead of against it. You are about to embark on a journey that will take you back through time to the ancient past in the hopes of uncovering clues about the ancient civilizations and their relationship to the environment.

We believe that these clues about the ancient past are going to help us illuminate the issues we are faced with in the present day in order to try to solve them. 

Awakening Truth Docu-Series

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