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Behind-the-scenes in Cusco, Peru

Lens Flare

Spooky Moons

Filming Brien Foerster for the docu-series

Moon's Evolution

Early Birds

Twin Flames

Eddy current demonstration

Awakening Truth Crew

Witch's Night

Example of mysterious trepannation


RWA Films focuses on topics related to the improvement of the individual evolutionary processes. We understand that to change the world you must first, attempt to change your self. The result may have the potential to greatly benefit our entire civilizations evolutionary process, as well as the pursuit of greater truth in all aspects of life, history and science.

Our trademark is involving viewers in discovery. We seek opportunities to engage the viewer and include personal perspectives that bring projects to life. We will go to the ends of the Earth to bring viewers closer to the truth they need for their personal growth.

More About RWAFilms:

Today’s society is more interested in solutions to humanity’s great challenges, and this is being reflected in social media – the true litmus test of current trends. The public has also become intrigued with hidden truths. Such topics are trending in the industry, and are expected to continue to grow as the industry reacts to the public’s ongoing interest.

Television programs and documentaries on such topics have seen significant success. However, the most intriguing, useful and shocking information is frequently edited out of these productions. RWA Films works in close collaboration with its talent and expert resources to ensure that its projects are not diluted in their content and impact.

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